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Amazon Echo Spot Review: You can call it a Smart Timepiece, Maybe

Recently, Amazon has overtaken its tech manufacturer competitors and has come up with another smart device- Amazon Echo Spot, a standalone smart speaker with screen concept.  The Spot is Amazon’s fourth Echo device launched in India. Prior to this, Alexa which only had voice recognition feature, Echo Spot had an added screen with an interesting feature of shopping as well.

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If you call for a tea, the screen will display the last tea purchased from Amazon has the option for repurchase as well. Similarly, when you ask for news or recipes, the text scrolls on the screen or the videos are played. The screen feature is what makes it one of the best home smart speakers in India. Like, when asked about weather, Alexa device will usually tell “It’s sunny outside’ but what Echo Spot will additionally do is to show the picture of the weather at the screen. Similarly, on being asked, “Who was APJ Abdul Kalam?” not only the information will be available on the screen but also the Wikipedia image. So, you could call the device giving a proof of its excellent brain! Echo Spot is first smart speaker with screen in the Indian market.

Amazon Echo Spot

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Amazon Echo Spot at INR 12,999 in India

The Spot’s interface consists of four major fractions: Trending Stories, Weather, Time and Things to try. These screens can be set to display repeatedly than to remain on the first screen until any further interaction is established. Brightness of the device can be set manually- dim enough to keep by your side at night and bright enough to be seen in sunlight. You can also opt for auto-brightness or schedule to dim the screen at night time (for a specific time range). The screen though small but has made possible hassle free video calls without requiring any of the apps in phone. Video calls can be made to anyone having Alexa app on their phones or anybody having another Echo Spot. Voice recognition feature can also be used to end or initiate the calls. This has taken away the complication of video calls over Skype or other apps.

User can control music playlists, read the lyrics and also like the songs from Amazon Music with the large on screen buttons available. Considering the sound, the Spot has 1.4 inch speaker, allowing it to deliver a stabilized sound. Echo Spot is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and can connect easily to any of the external speaker with its 3.5 mm out. The touchscreen feature makes it easier for the user to pair devices over Bluetooth. The device is available in black and white colours. A special feature of Spot apart from video calling is Drop In. user can connect with another user without picking up the device manually.

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Is Amazon Echo Spot worth purchasing?

Echo Spot is first of its kind in India. This is definitely recommended for families where elderly people stay alone and need to be in touch with their children. Being handy and easy to use makes it one stop solution for toddlers and elderly people. Amazon Echo Spot has 2.5 inch bright touch screen display giving it an added advantage to perform the setting functions via Echo Spots’ touch screen unlike other Echo devices which require Alexa app set up in your mobile phone. The size makes the device to be carried easily and even at home occupies space as much as a coffee mug does on your table.

Amazon Alexa June 2018: Price, Features, Reviews in India

Alexa is the exclusive product of Amazon. Alexa is an AI driven smart home appliances which makes the concept of smart home more realistic. Voice computers under which Alexa can be categorized is already hit the number of 33 million in homes. Amazon Alexa can be your personal assistant in almost everything at home. Suppose a scenario where you are alone in the home and wish to cook something delicious for yourself you can ask Alexa for the recipes. You can also instruct Alexa to put your favorite music on without even touching anything.

You can book tickets, get weather news, can search the net for any required information and a lot more. You can control fan and lights of your home with required management. The AI and machine learning is still an improving one but the products created by are flawless just like Alexa. Amazon Alexa can perform the following tasks for you –

  1. Recognize your voice by a single world spoken by you
  2. It can predict what you want to make it do based on your previous conversation
  3. It can take care of your monthly budget by keeping track of your purchases made in the past
  4. It can improve itself from previously asked questions
  5. It can connect you to customer support without even picking up your phone

For example suppose your TV got broken, Alexa can provide you the manual if you have misplaced it along side some pro tips for repairing the damage. Then it will ask you whether it was helpful or not, if it was then fine otherwise it will connect you with the right authority to make it repaired. By doing so Amazon Alexa has saved you the trouble of dialing the number after finding it, then hours of time of being on the line, repeating your address and query to every single person you talk on before you reach the right place.

To speak more specifically about the functions of Alexa it can –

  1. Play song or an album or even a playlist just by name
  2. You can tell Alexa to set reminders for you. The days of forgetting what to get from the stores or which TV show to record are over
  3. It can place your order online all by itself. So shopping becomes easier than ever with Alexa
  4. It can create lists of work or other things for you
  5. It can make you updated with the sports. For example you can get help for voting your player in NBA All star game by Alexa
  6. It can wake you up with your favorite song
  7. It can let you train yourself with new skills.

After learning that Alexa can do so much I am sure you want to get it as soon as possible. Well Amazon has prices for various Alexa enabled product of your choice. Amazon Alexa is incorporated with various items among which you can choose your desired one.

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Products of Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo

It is available in Black, Grey and White colors. It is priced at Rs. 9,999.00 which is a quite reasonable price. In this model you will get Alexa enabled smart speakers, 2.5” woofers and 0.6” tweeters, dual speakers, Streaming Wi-Fi music, ability to connect to external speakers, Alexa calling, Smart home compatibility. The dimension of the item is 148x88x88 mm with a weight of 821 g. You can buy it from the below mentioned link

Colors Available Price Click Here
Black INR 9999 Buy
Grey INR 9999 Buy
White INR 9999 Buy

Amazon Echo Dot:

This is priced at RS. 4,499.00. In this set up you will be offered with 0.6” tweeters, Streaming Wi-Fi music, ability to connect to external speakers, Alexa calling, Smart home compatibility. Dimensions are 32x84x84 mm and weight is of 163 g. This device can be used to incorporate Alexa to any room of your house. You can buy it from this link

Colors Available Price Click Here
Black INR 4499 Buy
White INR 4499 Buy

Amazon Echo Plus:

This is the all in one package product. It has Alexa enabled smart speakers along with built in smart home hub, 2.5” woofers, 0.8” tweeters, dual speakers, Streaming Wi-Fi music, ability to connect to external speakers, Alexa calling, Smart home compatibility, built in hub. The dimension of the product is 235x84x84 mm with a weight of 954 g. You can buy this product from this link

Products Available Price Click Here
Amazon Echo Plus INR 14999 Buy

These three are the top selling Alexa enabled products on Amazon right now. Other than these there are smart Wi-Fi switches, smart plugs and all. But to enjoy the full capabilities of Alexa these three are the most preferred ones.

Amazon Echo India: Prices, Features, Models and more

Amazon Echo was launched by Amazon. These are smart speakers manufactured and sold by them. It comes in various models such as Echo Dot, Echo Spot, and more. It uses assistance service system called Alexa, which you can use to connect to the device just using your voice.

Amazon Echo India

You may use Amazon Echo to perform various tasks such as interacting, playing songs and audio-books, getting written and follow-ups on reminders, set daily, weekly, or day-specific alarms, stream podcasts, capturing pictures and videos, and more. You may also use it to view traffic, weather, and lots more.

Latest Offers: Amazon has launched Echo Spot in India for the price of INR 12999. Echo Spot has a display screen which enables user to watch videos and can do video calling also. ICICI Bank users can avail additional 10% cashback through Credit/Debit Cards. If you buy two echo spots then you can save INR 5000.

Stylish echo with a screen, Make video calls, Voice control your music, news, weather & more features of Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Plus. Ask Alexa to control lights, plugs, and more with compatible smart home devices from Philips, Syska, TP-Link and Oakter. Amazon Prime members get access to Amazon Prime Music, an ad-free music streaming service. They can also order millions of products using only voice, enjoy free fast delivery on eligible Prime orders, and Alexa can even track your delivery for you Setup of Echo: Plug in echo spot → Connect to the alexa using wifi → Just pass command. Alexa works better with Indian accents and punctiuation. Get free Philips Hue 9.5W E27 bulb with every purchase of Echo Plus. More Less


When many people assume it to be just a music player, it is more a common hub for various smart devices acting as a home automation hub. The Amazon Echo series devices were started developing in Amazon’s Lab126 office in Silicon Valley and Cambridge, Massachusetts, US from 2010.

Amazon Echo was an extension of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader and was featured in Amazon’s first-ever Super Bowl ad in 2016. The first edition of Amazon Echo was primarily intended to Amazon Prime members and select customers that was lately made public in the US on June 23, 2015.

As per the media reports, the Echo devices were introduced in Canada somewhere between mid-to-late 2016, after when Amazon notified to hire software developers for Alexa in Toronto. Alongside, it was made available in the UK on September 28, 2016.

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Amazon is well known to understand the concerns of the end users of its products and to come up with the best remediation with the best enhancements over the time. Following this trend, its intelligent personal assistant Alexa was over the time enhanced to pair with other smart device of Amazon and even other companies to make it more advanced.

With its recent enhancement, Amazon Offers introduced a new performance boosting feature, “Brief Mode”, in Alexa. This enhancement minimized the requirements of the end users to tediously hear the command responses of their device unnecessarily.

Prior to the release of this feature of Amazon Alexa, users were required to hear the “OK” speech on instructing Alexa to perform some task. The new “Brief Mode” feature replaced these all steps with a short beep.

Offers on Amazon Echo

Amazon understand their customers and never miss a chance to provide them great deals on their favourite products and brands. Amazon Echo is one of the leading brands and giving a tough competition to other smart speakers. That is why Amazon has brought you an astonishing offer. Buy Amazon Echo at 20% discount, will be automatically applied at the time of checkout. If you are Prime Member can get 25% discount and free delivery.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. You should be a prime member for using offers on prime membership.
  2. There is no promo code to avail this offer, simply click on the above link add your echo to your cart and at the time of checkout automatically discount will be allowed.
  3. Offer is only applicable on amazon echo.
  4. 25% Discount for Amazon Prime users is for limited period.
  5. Non prime members has to pay INR 100 delivery charge.

Top Models of Amazon Echo

Following are the various top models available in the market:

Amazon Echo Spot

It is shaped as a hemisphere, and has a circular screen of 2.5” size. It has an elegant look of that similar to an alarm clock. It is a all new stylish range of Echo. You can watch News Bulletin, videos, set alarm, play music, ask weather, check out calendar and many more functions are available. It can hear your command even in the noisy environment as it contains four microphones.

It responds instantly. You just need to say word ‘Alexa’ to awake it. It has a built in speaker connects to external speakers through Bluetooth or 3.5 mm stereo. It can hear you from across the room

amazon echo spot

Colors Available Price Click Here
Black INR 12,999 Buy
White INR 12,999 Buy

Amazon Echo

The first generation or base version of Amazon Echo is in the form of cylindrical speakers of 9.25” or 23.5 cm, equipped with a seven-piece earphone. Its hardware is based on the Texas based equipment of LPDDR1 RAM of 256 MB, DM3725 ARM Cortex-A8 processor, and internal memory of 4 GB.

This base version or first generation Echo got 83% rating by GearCaliber, which is a review aggregate. When you can control Amazon Echo with its voice, you may additionally purchase an earphone-enabled remote control, the same as that of the Fire TV.

There is an Action button on upper surface of the device, and on pressing the Mute button, the earphones are enabled. The upper half part of the device helps you in controlling the volume of the speakers.

Amazon Echo does not contain any battery, and you would to plug-in a power source to use it. Other features of Amazon Echo include dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) support for audio streaming and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) for voice control of paired smart devices.

Although the features discussed above are common in all models of Amazon Echo, the different variants come with additional features. Go through the successive headings to know about those.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is on 10% Off. Get this deal on all the colors available at Amazon India. Amazon Echo is a wireless smart speakers that controls your voice. It connects to an app Alexa - a cloud based voice service to play music, make calls, check weather and news, set alarms, control smart home devices, and for much more functions can be performed using it. Customize your Echo for any room with the optional Echo shell available in a range of colors. 0.6" tweeter speaker size, 32 x 84 x 84 mm device size, 163g device weight. More Less

Amazon Echo Dot

Known to be the second generation version, Amazon Echo Dot comes in the black color in which the cylindrical speakers are fixed on a wooden base. This version was launched in March 2016, and is capable for the remote connection with external additional speakers, so that you could place those in different rooms or locations.

Additionally, you may also connect it with external portable batteries. Apart from these, its rest all features were similar to those of the first generation model of Amazon Echo.

The Echo Dot device was relaunched on October 20, 2016 with a lower price, enhanced voice recognition, and in two distinct colors – white and black. It works on the advanced Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) technology, that enables you to use multiple Echo and Dot devices functioning at the same time in coordination.

Amazon Echo Dot

Colors Available Price Click Here
Black INR 4499 Buy
White INR 4499 Buy

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus is an advanced and compact version of Amazon Echo. In addition to that, it comes with the better sound quality. Its latest version has enabled smart home device feature Zigbee which allows you to control compatible lights and plugs from Syska, TP-Link, Philips and Oakter without pressing the Activation button, and speaking only some Activation words.

Amazon Echo Plus

Products Available Price Click Here
Amazon Echo Plus INR 14999 Buy

Comparison Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, Echo Plus & Echo Spot

amazon echo comparison


Features Echo Dot Amazon Echo Echo Plus Echo Spot
Price INR 4,499 INR 9,999 INR 14,999 INR 12,999
Overview Add Alexa to any room Alexa-enabled Smart Speaker with Great Sound Alexa-enabled Smart Speaker with Build-in Smart Home Hub All-new stylish Echo device that can show you things
Dual Speakers Available Available
Streaming Wifi Music Available Available Available Available
Connect to ext. Speakers Available Available Available Available
Alexa Calling Available Available Available Available
Smart Home Compatible Available Available Available Available
Build-in-Hub Available
Speaker Size 0.6” tweeter 2.5” woofer, 0.6” tweeter 2.5” woofer, 0.8” tweeter 1.4” speaker
Device Size 32 x 84 x 84 mm 148 x 88 x 88 mm 235 x 84 x 84 mm 104 x 96 x 91 mm
Screen Size 2.5”
Device Weight 163g 821g 954g 419g

What is Amazon Echo?

It is introduced by Amazon. These are the smart speakers use to connect devices through its intelligent personal assistant called Alexa. These smart speakers are controlled by voice. The device consists of fascinating features such as setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audio-books, music playback, making to-do lists, and providing weather, traffic and other real-time information.

How to Set Up and Use Echo Devices?

  1. Plug in Echo and Connect a Power Source
  2. Use Alexa App to connect to Wifi
  3. Just ask for the information like music, weather, news & more.

Amazon Echo Set up

What are the requirements to use Amazon Echo?

  1. User should have an Alexa App (available for Android & iOS)
  2. Plug Point & Wifi (dedicated minimum speed: 512 kbps)