Amazon Offers on Watches

Increasing use of phones cannot replace the value a watch holds in our life. It is evident by the availability of different watches in the market. Undoubtedly, Watch compliment your style and attitude. Earlier, Watches have been used to show the status. But nowadays, watches have become an essential part of our luxurious life which make our look complete and different. Watches are available in a huge variety which allow us to choose our desired watch. Different watches are available in different designs, sizes, colors and price at Amazon Offers on Watches.

Wrist watches have become a style statement for everyone and market is making an effort to cater the different needs of the buyers. Amazon is the perfect place to buy, if you are looking to buy watches with discount. You can have renowned brands at a single place which is none other than Amazon. You can use Amazon coupons to avail a discount to buy your favorite and branded watch.

As we all know, fashion industry changes itself instantly. There is nothing such as long lasting. It keeps getting classy and amazing. Similarly, the ongoing trends in watches are vintage dial, smart watches, fabric straps, steel watches. Here, we are presenting you with new arrivals on Amazon. Get ready to grab the Amazon offer.

Let’s See What’s New in Watches: Amazon Exclusive Deal

Amazon has categorized each list as per your needs. This not only reduces your bafflement but also saves your time and energy. Read further to make yourself aware of what’s new on Amazon in watches.

New Arrivals on Amazon Offers on Watches: Trendy Watches

For you, Amazon has launched new arrivals of watches for men and women.

Items Grab the Deal
Fizix Analog Watch for Girls Buy Here
Fizix Day & Date Series for Girls & Boys Buy Here
LMP3 Dark Chocolate Gold for Girls Buy Here
Philipine Men’s- Women’s Watch Buy Here
Scarter Sales Analog Buy Here
XPRA Analog Watch Buy Here

Just Launched By Amazon Offers on Watches

Amazon understands your valuable time and keeps trying to save it. It understands your need to stay with updated fashion and brings you the most comfortable fashion. Everyone wants to stay up-to-date with ongoing trendy watches, apparel, jewelry etc. Do not scratch your head because Amazon is here for you to get the best. You can get and enjoy your favorite brand on a super value day sale. Here, by following these links you will be able to grab the Just Launched by Amazon:

Juicy Couture:

The most loved brand is based in California. Amazon offers a wide list of sophisticated watches of renowned brand. The watches are available in varied designs and prices on Amazon. Explore by yourself:

Juicy Couture Wrist watch in Analog for Women whose model no is 1901286. Manufacturer used multi-colour combination for band and case. Watch case shape is in round format to make it precise. To provide best quality to their customers they used  Stainless steel for the watch. The watch movement-um is Quartz and type of watch is Analog. Which clearly mentions the movement of the time by second. The Product also has 2 years Manufacturer warranty. Best thing is that you can also purchase this on EMI. Amazon is offering 64% discount on this watch. More Less
Items Grab the Deal
Juicy Couture Women’s Watch Buy Here
Juicy Couture Analog Blue Dial Buy Here
Juicy Couture Multi-color Dial Buy Here
Juicy Couture Analog Grey Dial Buy Here
Juicy Couture Analog Silver Dial Buy Here
Juicy Couture Analog Multi-color Women’s Watch Buy Here

Fossil Q Smartwatches:

Fossil Q smartwatches are one of the Just Launched category of Amazon. We are living in a dynamic environment. We face technological challenges on a daily basis. But still, we cannot imagine our life without using technology. Undoubtedly, fossil is one of the leading and reliable brands. Fossil has brought this time, smartwatches to meet smart technology. It offers smartwatches for men and women as well. Have a look:

Items Grab the Deal
Fossil Q Marshal Digital Men’s Watch Buy Here
Fossil Q Marshal Multi-color Dial Buy Here
Fossil Q Wander Digital Women’s Watch Buy Here
Fossil Q Marshal Touchscreen Buy Here
Fossil Q FTW2111 Wander Buy Here

Shop by Gender at Amazon Offers on Watches

On Amazon, you can shop watches for everyone. Amazon presents you with varied choices for men, women and kids.

Watches for Men

For men, watches are available in different varieties such as smart watches, leather strap, metal strap, chronographs, Analog display, digital display etc. You can own your favorite brand on Amazon.

Item Grab the Deal
Fossil Analog Watch Buy Here
Classic Black Sheffield Watch Buy Here
Diesel Analog Black Dial Buy Here
Daniel Wellington Men Classic Buy Here
Casio Edifice Analog Black Dial Buy Here
Sonata Essentials Analog Buy Here

Watches for Women

Today, women are aware of their fashion statement. Amazon fulfills your every desire to meet the different fashion requirements. You keep trying hard to look different and appealing. Sometimes, a small and elegant thing makes your day. That elegant thing could be your watch. Explore a list of watches available at affordable prices on Amazon and grab the deal.

Item Grab the Deal
Swisstyle Analogue Buy Here
Rich Club Analogue Buy Here
Espoir Floral Analog Buy Here
Addic Analogue White Dial Buy Here
Kitcone Analogue Diamond Buy Here
Geneva Platinum Analogue Buy Here

Watches for Kids

Today, the fashion industry has impacted kids the most. Kids know what suits them best. The fashion industry is making an effort to fulfill their needs. Watch is also one of the most essentials of their wardrobe. Have a look at a wonderful bunch of watches for kids available on Amazon.

Item Grab the Deal
Golden Bell Crazy Buy Here
Sonata Analog Blue Dial Girls Buy Here
Sunny Rajwal Barbie Buy Here
Titan Zoop Digital Grey Buy Here
Bolt Kids Watch Buy Here
Bluetech Digital Black Buy Here

Shop by Brand at Amazon Offers on Watches

Brand conscious? Then you are a right place. You can enjoy having your favorite and leading brands on Amazon. Purchase your favorite brands at your favorite shopping destination. Amazon is offering an exciting discount on leading brands. Here is a list featuring discount offer on leading brands:

Brands Amazon Offer
Sonata Up to 40% off
Titan Up to 50% off
fastrack Up to 60% off
INVICTA Up to 50% off
Chaps Up to 40% off
Timex Up to 50% off
Juicy Couture 30% – 80% off
Citizen Up to 40% off

We are introducing you with renowned brands. For your convenience, we are providing you with links to the products. Here, you get your desired item.


Sonata is one of the leading brands in the market which has launched a wide collection of watches for men and women. Its bold designs are appealing to buy which complements our fashion. Here is a list of watches. Go and grab the deal.

Items Grab the Deal
Sonata Sona Sitara Analog Buy Here
Sonata Analog Blue Dial Buy Here
Sonata Super Fibre Analog Buy Here
Sonata Wedding Along Buy Here
Sonata Analog Multicolor Buy Here


If you are called cool by your friends or family members, then you must buy and try fastrack watches. The watches are offered in cool, trendy and funky look for everyone. It is the most popular brand among young generation. Amazon has a lot of designs of fastrack to meet your requirements.

You can have a look at a wide collection of watches by fastrack:

Items Grab the Deal
Fastrack Black Magic Analog Buy Here
Fastrack Analog Dial Women’s Watch Buy Here
Fastrack Casual Analog Buy Here
Fastrack Analog Green Dial Buy Here
Fastrack Upgrade-core Analog Buy Here
Fastrack New OTS Analog Buy Here


Citizen, one of the most reliable brands revolutionizing the Indian market. The company is constantly making efforts to meet the varied tastes and aspiration of the buyers. You need not worry as we are providing a list of watches for you. Feel the shopping experience with Amazon.

Items Grab the Deal
Citizen Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch Buy Here
Citizen Analog Black Dial Women’s Watch Buy Here
Citizen Analog Black Dial Unisex Watch Buy Here
Citizen Eco-drive Analog Men’s Watch Buy Here
Citizen Analog Mother of Pearl Buy Here
Citizen Eco-drive Chronograph Men’s Watch Buy Here


You want to add some accessory to your look. Fossil has been offering required watches since 1985. Complete your look with a sophisticated watch. You must check a list to get the best deal.

Items Grab the Deal
Fossil Designer Analog Gold Dial Buy Here
Fossil Other- Me Analog Buy Here
Fossil Dean Chronograph Buy Here
Fossil Chronograph Silver Dial Buy Here
Fossil Decker Chronograph Buy Here
Fossil Machine Analog Buy Here


Maxima is one of the leading brands making designer watches for men, women, and kids. Shop via Amazon and avail your favorite branded watches at affordable prices.

Items Grab the Deal
Maxima Analog White Dial Men’s Watch Buy Here
Maxima Analog White Dial Women’s Watch Buy Here
Maxima Analog Green Dial Women’s Watch Buy Here
Maxima Attivo Date Black Dial Men Buy Here
Maxima Analog Silver Dial Women’s Watch Buy Here
Maxima Attivo Day-Date White Dial Men Buy Here


One of the oldest and reliable watch making company is Titan. It has introduced endless varieties to you to complement your style. On Amazon, you can shop from a wide variety such as Titan raga, Titan youth, Titan neo, titan karishma, Titan octane, Titan classique and so on. It offers a huge collection for everyone: men, women and kids. Get your favorite now.

Items Grab the Deal
Titan Analog Women’s Watch Buy Here
Titan Neo Analog Men’s Watch Buy Here
Zoop Watch Buy Here
Titan Raga Women’s Watch Buy Here
Titan Youth Women’s Watch Buy Here
Titan Octane Chronograph Buy Here


Casio is a Japanese brand which keeps mesmerizing people with its new collection of elegant watches. If you want to buy your favorite, shop via Amazon. Here, we are introducing some of the latest watches produced by Cassio. Cassio has a large variety to offer such as Casio-G shock, Casio Sheen, Casio edifice, Casio enticer etc. Have a look.

Items Grab the Deal
Casio Vintage Series Buy Here
Casio Edifice Chronograph Buy Here
Casio Enticer Analog Buy Here
Casio G-Shock Digital Men’s Watch Buy Here
Casio Sheen Analog Buy Here
Casio Baby G-Analog Buy Here

Shop by Price at Amazon Offers on Watches

Amazon has taken the responsibility to bring happiness to everyone’s home. It allows you to shop according to your budget. You can shop on Amazon without burning a hole in your pocket. It has designed a category which allows you to buy according to your desired range. Own your favorite watch at affordable price:

Shop under Rs. 499:

An amazing price allows you to buy your favorite analog display watches under Rs. 499. Follow given links to complete your fashion statement.

Items Grab the Deal
Espoir Mens Analog Buy Here
REDUX Analogue Black Dial Buy Here
Om Designer Analogue Black Dial Buy Here
Armado Analogue Blue Dial Buy Here
Fogg Stainless Steel Day Buy Here
Carson Analogue Blue Dial Buy Here

Shop under Rs. 599:

The next category comes as fair as the previous one. Follow these given links to avail watches under Rs. 599.

Items Grab the Deal
Bigowl Airplane World Map Watch Buy Here
Swisstone Analogue Blue Dial Buy Here
Ziera Analogue Blue Dial Watch Buy Here
Laurels Essential Blue Dial Buy Here
John Morgan Analogue Buy Here
GT Gala Time Buy Here

Shop under 699:

The shopping under 699 includes watches from different companies. The watches are digital and may vary in size and color. You can view by yourself by clicking on these given links:

Items Grab the Deal
SKMEI Analog Buy Here
Sonata Digital Grey Dial Buy Here
Addic Multicolor Dial Buy Here
Sonata Super Fibre Buy Here
Lumina Digital Black Buy Here
SPYN Digital Black Dial Buy Here

Shop under Rs. 799:

It seems impossible to buy your favorite branded watch at a low price. But this pocket-friendly option made by Amazon allows you to pick your choice. Grab the deal.

Items Grab the Deal
Rich Club Pack of 4 Buy Here
Limestone Analogue Buy Here
Knotyy Sports Watches Buy Here
Sonata Digital Buy Here
Skmmeinova Analogue Digital Buy Here
Sonata Digital Brown Buy Here

How to avail these Offers?

Amazon offers a huge variety of offers on distinguished products. To get these offers, you need to follow these steps:

  • You need to see the item in ‘shop by category’.
  • After that, you need to select the gender you are looking for either men, women or kids.
  • There is a section called accessories in which you will find watches’ page.
  • Now, you need to select your desired watch.
  • Add the selected item to your cart.
  • Then you need to log in to your account.
  • Your promo code or discount will be applied automatically once you check out.

You have successfully made a purchase and availed a discount.

Today’s Deals

Today’s Deals let you buy your desired products with existing discount available at that time on Amazon. These deals do not last long for a long period of time. Today’s deals are beneficial as they bring heavy discount with them. To make most of the deal, you need to stay updated with Amazon Sale and Offers.

Amazon Coupons

Amazon Coupons are beneficial to you as you get discount on the actual amount of the product while making a purchase. Amazon offers a bunch of coupons on various products almost every day. It is the best way to save money. You can easily avail coupons via Amazon Sale and offers in order to save money and shop significantly. The benefits of having and using a coupon are:

  • You get to try new products offered by Amazon.
  • You can buy extra items using coupons, make sure you check how many times items put on sale.
  • You can also buy some emergency items you need at that time which were not needed earlier.
  • The maximum number of coupons allows you to shop conveniently.

You can also use promo codes available on the product to avail high discount.

Amazon App Only Offers

This distinguishing feature of Amazon App only Offers , the largest e-commerce website mesmerizes buyers with every innovation of it. This feature allows those buyers to enjoy who have access to Amazon app. This app presents a special discount on the listed items by Amazon. If you want to enjoy having a special discount, you need to have app access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the replacement policy for watches?

Answer: The replacement policy says that you can return an item within 30 days of the purchase.

Question: Is there any international brand for watches?

Answer: Yes. Amazon has a separate section named international exclusives which features Burgi and Morgan.

Question: What is the shipping speed of any order placed on Amazon?

Answer: The shipping speed may vary by the delivery address entered.

Question: What is meant by pocket friendly fashion?

Answer: The pocket friendly fashion allows you to buy according to your budget. If you are looking to buy watches for yourself or want to gift someone, you must definitely go to Amazon Pocket friendly fashion. The watches available under Rs. 499, 599, 699, 799.

Question: Where can I find Premium watch store?

Answer: You can easily find premium watch store in men’s and women’s collection as well.

Question: What is the shipping speed of the pickup stores?

Answers: The pickup store dispatches your ordered product within 3-5 working days.

Question: How many watches can be purchased at a time?

Answer: Amazon has a vast collection of watches. Every watch has limited selling quantity per buyer. For example, you can buy only 5 units per buyer of Redux Analogue Black Dial Men’s watch.

Question: How can I place an order for delivery to a pickup store?

Answer: There are various steps you need to follow to place an order:

  •        You need to place your chosen item into cart and proceed to check out.
  •        Then, while selecting your delivered address, click to know a pickup search store near you.
  •        After that, you will choose a pickup location by entering pincode, landmark etc.
  •        You will be able to select a pickup store near, click on deliver to this address.
Question: What are the facilities of pick up store?

Answer: You can choose any of the delivered location as per your convenience.  You need to see different pick up stores on Amazon.

Question: Is Pay on Delivery applicable on Giordano Analog silver dial women’s watch?

Answer: Yes POD is applicable on this item.