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Amazon Offers on Toys and Games


Amazon takes care of everyone. It is a reliable website which make your trust even more worthy with every purchase. Amazon has a bunch of toys to offer to your kids which will definitely aid you to teach your kid so many skills. Amazon offers on toys are available for soft toys, educational toys, electronic toys, explorer toys etc. Amazon offers discount on various toys and games to make your kid smarter and a quick learner. You can get your favorite and your kid’s favorite from Amazon with wonderful discount offers. Playing helps your child develop physically and mentally.

Buy Indoor Games like Monopoly, ludo, chess, scrabbles, and other toys from Amazon and get 40% discount on them. Also if you pay using UPI then you will get 10% (Up to INR 100) cashback. This cashback offer is valid till June 21, 2018. More Less

Amazon Offers on Toys

Shop via Amazon Coupons avail exciting discount and offers available at Amazon. What makes the Amazon unique to shop with? Yes, you guessed it right. Its exciting offers which makes us crazy to buy from Amazon. Have a look to make the most of the deal.

Existing Amazon Offers on Toys: Play and Learn

Product Offer
Toy vehicles Up to 40%
Remote controlled toys Up to 40%
Learning and educational toys Up to 45%
Action figures Up to 60%
Art & craft Up to 50%
Dolls & accessories Up to 60%

Offer on Toys for Boys

Product Offer
Transformer Robot 15%
Air sports laser gun 54%
Panda stuffed soft plush toy 59%
Superman change figure 10%
Stormtrooper 30%

Offer on Toys for Girls

Product Offer
Family doll house 14%
Toyzone dream villa 20%
Realistic Jinny baby doll 46%
Dancing doll 62%
Carnival mask 32%

Playing not only involves physical activity but also involves mental stimulation of an individual. Children are always curious and eager. They are extremely fast learners and doers. Kids find the world around them full of information and they start to absorb it as fast as they can. Playing with toys make them understand the nature of toys. Touch tell them whether a toy is soft or hard. That’s why it is said children can develop visual senses which help them grasp things faster. There are so many toys which can help them to build their muscles like building toys. Undoubtedly, there are plenty benefits of having toys at home to play with as you may see how much advantageous they are to you and your kids. Playing with toys gives children an opportunity to develop conversational skills, counting skills etc. Toys should be of different variety for mental development of your child. Children can also gain self-confidence while playing with toys, this is a benefit of having too many toys according to a recent study. Solving puzzles assist kids in developing thinking ability and solving ability. Similarly, playing with electronics games, a kid gets to learn hand-eye coordination. You have to be a link between your child and the toy with which he is playing to achieve better results.

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Toys for Everyone, Shop Toys by Age:

Here, we are going to enlist some toys for specific age group which will help you buy what is best for your kid. Learn how to make learning process engaging with Amazon:

Toys for kids up to 12 month Old: You as a parent always want to do best for your bundle of joy. Learning is an essential component in the phase of toddlerhood. The kids belonging to this age group demands special attention due to their own delicate nature of the body. You prefer to give your child soft toys of different colors and shapes. At this age, kid understands touch and develop senses. Soft toys include soft teddy bear, musical dog, cute mother elephant with two babies etc. The list of toys includes motor activity toys, activity play centers, sorting, stacking & plugging, rattles and plush toys, sound toys, bricks and blocks, stroller toys etc. There are many varieties of toys which you would love to buy from Amazon. Relax! We are going to list some of the favorites of kids in each category. These given descriptions will help you understand the product better. You will be able to know shape, size, color and durability of the item. Enjoy shopping with Amazon with exciting offers and coupons. The links to grab the deal are provided for easy shopping. Happy shopping with Amazon.

Types of Toys for Kids up to 12 Months Old: So here we go. We are going to give you a list of toys as per your baby’s requirements. There are different categories of toys which you will be able to know by following these given links. Grab the deal.

Soft Toys

These soft toys are designed for your munchkin. The delicate baby needs a delicate toy to touch and feel. You want a best toy for your baby. Go to these links to make a smart choice.

Item Get the Deal
Casotec caterpillar stuffed soft toy Buy Here
Toyboy cute mother elephant with two baby Buy Here
Caostec stuffed soft toy plush ball Buy Here
Richy toys cute pink rabbit Buy Here
Wild Republic cuddlekins racoon Buy Here
Deals India penguin and panda soft toy Buy Here

Sound Toys

Make your baby’s life musical by getting them musical toys. They learn when they play. Make their smile brighter with amazing toys.

Item Get the Deal
Talking Tom Cat by Cora Buy Here
Toyshine Dancing Dog Buy Here
Dancing Duck Toy Buy Here
Babytintin Bump and Go Musical Engine Train With 4D Light Buy Here
Sunshine Dancing Robot with 3D Lights and Music Buy Here
Toyshine Talk Back Mimicry Tom Cat Buy Here

Pull Along Toys

Pull along toys are made to provide unlimited fun to your baby. They push and pull the toy with their own muscles which helps them getting strong and confident. These toys are available in eco-friendly colors, shapes and characters. Here, you can get your baby’s much loved items.

Item Get the Deal
Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle Buy Here
Funskool Digger the Dog Buy Here
Huile Toys Push and Shake Wobbling Doll Buy Here
Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Buggy Buy Here
Curtis Toy Pull Along Dog Buy Here
Bear Knock the Drum Buy Here

Motor Activity Toys

Are you worried for your baby’s development? You need not worry because Amazon is making endeavor to bring best to you. Motor activity toys help your baby build strong muscles. Motor skills develop during early childhood. Motor skills involve movement of arms and legs. Explore the given list.

Item Get the Deal
Funskool Giggles Nesting Eggs Buy Here
Fisher Price Bead Ball Buy Here
Skola Toys Dominoes Slope Buy Here
Fisher Price Monster Truck Buy Here
GSI Reaction Balls Buy Here
Planet of Toys 360 Degree Wheel Rotation Buy Here

Toys for Kids up to 1-2 Year Old: kids are imaginative and incorporate things around them very quickly. They are learning to walk, talk etc., and refine their movements. You should always try to give those toys which help fuel their imagination. You can choose from a wide variety of toys and games which includes tent play, disruptor, rectangular pool, stacking cubes, touching tom cat, dancing duck etc. Go for vibrant colors, catchy patterns and different textures which must be appealing to baby. Choose those toys which involve activities like pulling, pushing, building etc. These types of activities keep babies occupied and engaging. These are some types of toys for your baby. The kids belonging to this age group are ready to explore the world around them. Give them a beautiful world of hues.

Types of Toys for Kids up to 2 Year Old:

Action and Toy Figures

Action figures are based on the known characters featured on the television. It is the best way to teach recognition to babies. It helps your baby to get a stronger memory. Amazon presents you with a wide a variety of action figures from Batman to Spiderman to Pokemon to Hulk etc. Grab your baby’s favorite.

Item Get the Deal
NJ Croce Arkham Knight Batman Buy Here
Avengers Marvel Legends Series Spiderman Buy Here
Funskool Superman Buy Here
Avengers 2 Hulk Buy Here
WWE Series Action figure Buy Here
Titan Hero-Action Figure Buy Here

Dolls and Accessories

Get your baby his/ her favorite character. Amazon helps you find the right choice. Amazon presents a large number of dolls and accessories to you to make your baby smile. Go and get the deal.

Item Get the Deal
Disney Frozen Classic Doll Buy Here
Snackin Lily Blonde Doll Buy Here
Barbie Careers Pasta Chef Buy Here
Barbie Fabulous Gown Doll Buy Here
Singing Doll Buy Here
Toyshine Princess Doll Buy Here

Learning and Education Toys

Toys which help your baby grasp reading, writing, counting and mathematical skills. Amazon understands the need to teach little ones with right products. Teaching with right items or tools has a great impact on kids. Have a look what is best for your little bundle of joy.

Item Get the Deal
English Learner Educational Laptop Toy Buy Here
Pre-School Learning Pack Buy Here
Cottage Educational Toy Buy Here
Skillofun Capital Alphabet Tray Buy Here

Pretend Play Toys

Pretend play toys helps your baby to gain conversational skills. A baby acts or pretends to be a character. It makes them believe that they can be anything by pretending. We recommend you to buy best for your much loved baby. Amazon has a wide list to offer which includes Kitchen toys, doctor play sets, play tools, household toys, paper and magnetic dolls, pretend play purses etc. Make your choice.

Item Get the Deal
Kitchen Play Cart Buy Here
Doctor Set Buy Here
Little Genius Mobile Phone Buy Here
Fashion Suitcase Buy Here
Magnetic Dress-up Set Buy Here
Princess Craft Kit Buy Here

Toys for Kids up to 3-4 Year Old: They start having their favorites at this age. Some of the favorites are speed cube, card game, Barbie doll and playset, drum keyboard musical toys, magic car etc. You must choose a toy that keeps your baby occupied during his developing years. Let your child explore creativity and imagination. Toys like pretend play makes a kid interactive. They learn to solve their problems at their own pace as they are gaining independence. You need to choose the right toy according to his age.

Types of Toys for Kids up to 4 Year Old: The kids are always inquisitive. Give them something to feed their mind. The kids grasp quickly your teaching. It is important to give them right tools. The types of toys include bikes, trikes & ride-ons, building & construction toys, puzzles etc. Read the given list and grab the opportunity to buy best.

Scooters and Ride-ons

Amazon offers a wide variety of vehicles for your little world. This category includes electrical vehicles, kids and bikes accessories, trikes, pedal cars, balance bikes, go-carts, unicycles, push ride-ons & accessories, tractors and trailers, roller-skates and a lot more. Go through the given links to grab the best deal.

Item Get the Deal
Babybee Bike Buy Here
Rabbit Tiny Toes Buy Here
Baby Tricycle Buy Here
Fun Bike Buy Here
Brilrider AF Balance Bike Buy Here
Folding Cycle Buy Here

Arts and Crafts

Indulging in arts and crafts is vital to achieve peace. It is necessary to make your baby learn in a smart manner. Kids can use their own imagination to make anything. Amazon’s store of Arts and crafts offers clay & dough, coloring books and pads, drawing supplies, printing and stamping, papeterie and stickers, molding and sculpture etc. These activities keep them occupied throughout the day. We are presenting a list for your convenience.

Item Get the Deal
Fundough Fun Pack Buy Here
Playdoh Breakfast Buffet Buy Here
Doodle Amaze Buy Here
Stamp Set Buy Here
Mandala Multi Art Buy Here
Funskool Createlier Poterie Buy Here

Electronic Toys

Amazon presents electronic pets, handheld games, educational computers, video games, walkie talkies, phones and mobile phones, electronic pets, alarm clocks, Radios, MP3 & CD players etc., for new born. Give them a world full of joy and learning. Here comes the list to make your decisions better.

Item Get the Deal
Walkie Talkie Set Buy Here
Toyhouse Happy Butterfly Buy Here
Karaoke Microphone Buy Here
TV Video Game Buy Here
Toysmith Voice Changer Buy Here


It is one of the best toys to enhance logical skills of your kid. Puzzles may seem a little bit baffling to your kid. You can teach your kid to use skills required to solve a puzzle. Try educating in a smart way. The list includes jigsaw puzzles, framed puzzles, floor puzzles, 3-D puzzles. Hurry up!

Item Get the Deal
Geometric Shape Sorter Puzzle Buy Here
Magnetic Puzzle Circles Buy Here
Funskool Rubik’s Cube Buy Here
Mickey Mouse and Friends Buy Here
Melissa & Doug Safari Peg Puzzle Buy Here

Toys for kids 5-7 Year Old: Educate your child with toys available at Amazon. Nowadays, companies are making those toys which help imbibing engineering skills and foster creativity. Kids being curious by nature, they start to experimenting with things and try to grasp minute details. We recommend you to shape their creativity by providing games and toys which help in developing mentally and physically. This age group gains confidence when they build with building blocks with their own hands, they give a new structure to blocks. Some of the games which are available on Amazon, magnetic puzzles, chess, solar power energy robot, night scope binocular etc.

Toys for Kids up to 8-11 Year Old: Up to a certain age, a child’s mind keeps developing and keeps imagining new things. They have already mastered some of the skills. Now, they tend to attract to increasing use of technology and get curious to know every aspect of it. It is better to give them those games and toys which still involve mental ability. Amazon offers a bulk of toys which includes deal card game, scrabble board game, remote control games etc. Amazon offers a heavy and exciting discount on toys and games. Amazon allows you to shop by age, character, category and price. If you want to make a baby smile on his birthday then you must visit Amazon’s toys gifting store which offers discount up to 35% and get his/her favorite and joyous present. Amazon takes the responsibility to make every kid smile, you can choose to shop according to your budget. Not just local brands, you can shop global brands while sitting in one place.

Brand Offer
LEGO Up to 20% off
FUNSKOOL Up to 25% off
NERF Up to 20% off
Play-Doh Up to 25% off
Barbie Up to 20% off
Fisher-Price Up to 30% off

In order to avail these offers, you must visit Amazon Sales and Offers which keeps on updating you about existing offers and coupons. Stay tuned with Amazon Pay Sale to achieve the maximum number of cashback offers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the order quantity per customer for Mattel Hot Wheels 9 Car Gift Pack?

Answer: The order quantity is restricted to 4 units per buyer. The orders exceeding the restricted quantity limit will be auto-canceled.


Question: Describe return policy on MW Toyz Remote Control Ferrari R/C Car with Openable doors and rechargeable batteries for kids?

Answer: Every toy vehicle has a single 10-day replacement policy to follow.

Question: What is the existing offer on Funskool Monopoly Original?

Answer: Amazon is offering 15% off on this item. The MRP is 599 and Amazon price is INR 509, you are saving INR 90.


Question: Explain items fulfilled by Amazon.

Answer: It means items have been stored, packed and dispatched by Amazon. These items are identified by the following:

  •        Orders exceeding INR 599 or more are eligible for free delivery.
  •        Order delivery tracking is available.
  •        An item can be replaced easily and a free replacement is supported by Amazon.
  •        Pay on Delivery (POD) is available on some products.
Question: How can I cancel my order?

Answer: To cancel any ordered item, follow the enlisted procedure:

  •        Go to your orders.
  •        Click on Cancel items.
  •        Then, click Cancel checked items.
Question: Is there any cashback available on any item?

Answer: To avail cashback, you can use Amazon Pay Balance during April 1-15. You will get INR 50 cashback and your minimum order should be INR 250.

Question: What should be the age of a kid to play with Barbie Club Chelsea playhouse?

Answers: The kids having age 5+ can play.

Question: How much I can save on Webby Remote controlled Super Car?

Answers: The market price of the car is 1,999 and Amazon price is INR 751. You are saving INR 1,248.


Question: Are toy vehicles are eligible for a refund?

Answers: No. Toy vehicles, sports and outdoor toys items are non-refundable.


Question: Are offers on Amazon always available?

Answer: Very often. To know about available offers, you need to stay updated with the website.


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