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Amazon Audible Service to be Available from Diwali Season


Amazon has plans to launch its audio book and entertainment service Audible in India during the Diwali Season. The reports came out by the news portal.

They are planning to introduced the local authors audible books which will be narrated by the Indians. Also amazon in talks to reduce the GST on ebooks. As ebooks has 18% GST and physical books have no GST.

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Earlier there was news that the Amazon Publishing has signed a deal with Chetan Bhagat, in which they will be publishing these books globally in print, ebooks and audible format. The first title will be came out in October, 2018. Westland will be publishing it.

Amazon has recently closed the beta service of Audible in India, after checking it through select customers and employees in last year. There is official information on what will be the price of Audible service in India. As of now the price in USA is starting at $ 14.95 per month.

One of the employees said that they always are trying to develop new offerings for their global customers. They don’t talk much about the new products until they are not fully functional.

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